Russia is the biggest country in the world situated in the Eurasia. It spans 9 time zones. A diversity of nations (more than 190) distinguishes Russia as multicultural and multinational country with a population of more than 144 million people. Russia's extensive mineral and energy resources, the largest reserves in the world, have made it one of the largest producers of oil and natural gas globally. Russia has a great history rooted to IX century A.D. Its rich cultural heritage is being a source of inspiration for many people of Art all over the world.


Krasnodar territory is located in the south-western part of the Northern Caucasus on the shores of the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. Representing a resort area it attracts a lot of tourists from all over the world. Well-connected infrastructure allows people to reach Krasnodar territory by different types of vehicle. More than 5400 enterprises successfully function in the region. Krasnodar territory is called “The Pearl of Russia” due to its leadership in agricultural sector of the country. In 2014 one of the most excited cities of Krasnodar territory, Sochi, hosted XXII Olympic Winter Games which were highly appreciated by the international community.


The motocross circuit of the Russian Children`s Centre “Orlyonok” is located in a beautiful place of Krasnodar territory along the shores of the Black Sea. It was homologated in 2010 by the European Motorcycle Union. Starting from 2011 European and National Championships EMX'50, 65, 85, 125, 250cc and EMX Open are holding there. Up to 200 riders of the North-East Europe zone participate in these events. In 2016 the circuit hosted the FIM Motocross Junior World Championship.


The motocross circuit of “Orlyonok” is a track with a natural terrain. The track has a stationary watering system. The circuit meets the latest world standards. The unique mountain landscape offers the participants a chance to demonstrate their skills and experience. The mild climate of the region and ground coating of the track make it possible to use it all year round.





Prohibited items at the event: alcoholic and narcotic substances, piercing-cutting objects, weapons, explosive substances.


Tickets: www.concert.ru


For children before 14 y.o.  (accomponied by adults)  - free entrance.



Public transport routs:


Coming from Krasnodar:

"Lastochka" train to Tuapse. Then take a bus to "Novomihailovski". Then take a taxi (cab) to the race track wich will cost 150 rub.

Or you can take any bus to "Novomihailovski". Then take a taxi (cab) to the race track wich will cost 150-250 rub.


Coming from Sochi:

"Lastochka" train to Tuapse. Then take a bus to "Novomihailovski". Then take a taxi (cab) to the race track wich will cost 150 rub.

Or you can take any bus to "Novomihailovski". Then take a taxi (cab) to the race track wich will cost 150-250 rub.





“Orlyonok” track is located in a resort area of the Black Sea coast which is very popular with the tourists in summer. The Organizer has selected several hotels not far from the track (1,5-5 km). To guarantee a room in your preferred hotel, booking and payment should be received as soon as possible.

For further details regarding hotel booking please refer to the following contacts:


Hotel and Tourist Board "Academservice company"



Contact person: Mrs. Anna Petrosyan

Tel.: +7 495 660 90 90 (ext. 1724)

E-mail: a.petrosyan@acase.ru

Website: http://www.acase.ru/en-index.jsp



Russian Children’s Centre “Orlyonok” is the largest educational centre for children in the world. It is situated on the South of Russia on the Black Sea coast, 200 kilometres away from Sochi, the capital-city of the Winter Olympic Games 2014. More than three kilometers of golden beach make “Orlyonok” unique and attractive. “Orlyonok” occupies 240 hectares and has its own TV and radio station, a modern sport complex and a medical centre, a motor pool, a secondary school, a library, a space museum and an astronomical observatory, clubs providing with various activities, rock-climbing grounds, a complex for motorcycle training and racing. Only 7 percents of the “Orlyonok” territory is occupied by buildings, the rest space is a unique arboretum. Thanks to the mild subtropical climate rare exotic plants grow here. 


More details and photos of “Orlyonok” you may find at the web-site: http://www.orlyonok.ru. 

Before and during the Championship the following activities are available: visiting "Orlyonok" camp, meetings with campers from Russia and other countries, sea tours, excursions to the Aviation and Space Museum, Astronomical Observatory, visiting a unique place in “Orlyonok” - Pharmacy for the Soul.

“Orlyonok” is located very close to Sochi - the capital-city of the Winter Olympic Games 2014. While staying at our place all the participants can visit Olympic venues in Sochi or choose other mountain tours. 



Time difference to GMT: 3H

Power: 220Volts



BANKS 08 :00-18 :00 Mon-Fri




Address: Novomikhajlovsky settlement, Mira str., 86

DISTANCE from the track: 4 km. (Sochi direction).



Address: Dzhubga settlement, Sovetskaya str., 2

DISTANCE from the track: 12 km.(Krasnodar direction).


SUPERMARKETS 09:00 – 19:00 Mon - Sun



Address: Novomikhajlovsky settlement, Mira str., 75

DISTANCE from the track : 4 km.


CHEMISTS/PHARMACY 08:00 – 21:00 Mon - Sun




Address : Novomikhajlovsky settlement, Mira str., 75



Address : Novomikhajlovsky settlement, Rechnaya str., 2

DISTANCE from the track : 4 km.



The country code of the Russian Federation is +7.

If you want to call to Russia from other country number you should start by entering the country code +7 or 007 and then your number. 

Krasnodar area code : +7 861 67



The main mobile operators in Russia are Megafon, Beeline and MTS.

 SIM cards of Russian mobile operators will be available at the “Orlyonok” track.



The currency of the Russian Federation is Ruble. For your convenience there are the following currency exchange facilities: 

1. Currency exchange at the airports. 

2. ATM machine at the airports, banks, “Orlyonok” camp and “Orlyonok” track.

3. Banks.



Tel.: 102

NAME Novomikhajlovsky Police Station

ADDRESS Novomikhajlovsky settlement, Oktabrsky pereulok, 1 

TELEPHONE +7 8616792482 

DISTANCE from the track : 4 km.


NAME Dzhubga Police Station

ADDRESS Dzhubga settlement, Novorossiyskoye shosse, 1 

TELEPHONE +7 861679-42-51; +7 8616794137

DISTANCE from the track : 4km.



The nearest hospitals:

NAME Novomikhaijlovsky Hospital 

DISTANCE from the track : 4 km.

ADDRESS Novomikhaijlovsky settlement, Rechnaya str., 2

FIRST AID FACILITY tel.: +7 8616745155 

WEBSITE http://www.rb2-tuapse.ru/


NAME Tuapse Hospital 

DISTANCE from the track : 45 km.

ADDRESS Tuapse, Armavirskaya str., 2 

FIRST AID FACILITY tel.: +7 8616723154 

WEBSITE http://www.trb1-tuapse.ru/


NAME Krasnodar Hospital 

DISTANCE from the track : 120 km.

ADDRESS Krasnodar, 1Maya str., 167

FIRST AID FACILITY tel.: +7 8612528591

WEBSITE http://www.kkbo.ru/



The emergency telephone number of the Russian Federation is 112

Local emergency services:

Emergency medical service +7 8616728021 

First aid 103

Fire service 101 

Counterterrorism centre +7 8616731836



Taxi service near the track:

NAME Taxi “Bumer”

TELEPHONE +7 8616745222, +7 9181952222, +7 9189452222


NAME Taxi “Arno”

TELEPHONE +7 9189071000, +7 9885071000


NAME Taxi “Millenium”

TELEPHONE +7 9884009993, +7 9884009997



Located around mountains and along the Black Sea coast Krasnodar region is well-known as one of Russia’s resort regions. The unique natural diversity is reflected in the cuisine. You will have the chance to try both Russian and Caucasian dishes and enjoy local delicacies. 


NAME Café “Breeze”

Russian&Caucasian & International cuisine

ADDRESS Novomikhajlovsky settlement, Shirokaya schel, 9

TELEPHONE +7 9189113959

WEBSITE http://aquamarine-hotel.ru/restoranyi/


NAME Café “Grand Paradise Hotel Restaurant Complex”

Russian & Caucasian cuisine

ADDRESS Dzhubga settlement, 3a

TELEPHONE +7 9183004443

WEBSITE http://www.grand-paradise.ru/menu.html


NAME Restaurant “Adagio”

Russian & International cuisine

ADDRESS Lermontovo settlement, A-147

TELEPHONE +7 9189113959

WEBSITE http://aquamarine-hotel.ru/restoranyi/a-la-carte


NAME Pizzeria “Mario”

ADDRESS Novomikhajlovsky settlement, Mira ul. 86a

TELEPHONE +7 8616792766


NAME Pizzeria “Aleko”

ADDRESS Novomikhajlovsky settlement, Lenin str., 10

TELEPHONE +7 8616720663


NAME Café “Idillia”

Russian & International cuisine

ADDRESS Dzhubga, Novorossiyskoye shosse, 1 

TELEPHONE +7 9184817909


NAME Cafe “Sineye more”

Russian&Caucasian & International cuisine

ADDRESS Novomikhajlovsky settlement, Shirokaya schel

TELEPHONE + 7 9183459959


There are a large café and restaurants and shopping area in the waterfront of Novomikhajlovsky settlement.

Address: Novomikhajlovsky settlement, Morskaya Street.



NAME Motorcycle Federation of Krasnodar Territory

Phone/fax + 7 8616791440

Website www.mfkk-ug.ru

Contact person: Ms Petrovskaya Oksana

Tel.mob.: +7 9181209498

Email: motocross@orlyonok.ru



NAME “Orlyonok” circuit

FULL ADDRESS Russian Children’s Centre “Orlyonok”, settlement Novomikhajlovsky, Tuapse region, Krasnodar territory, 352842, Russia

GPS coordinates 44°°15'52.07"N, 38°49'5.41"E

Phone + 7 8616791440

Email motocross@orlyonok.ru






NAME "Academservice company"

Contact person: Mr. Chernikov Sergey

Tel.: +7 (917) 508 73 23

E-mail: s.chernikov@acase.ru

Website: http://www.acase.ru/en-index.jsp